Fredericia and DanmarkC
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Makes it easy to go far...

Fredericia and DanmarkC

The world is just around the corner and from DanmarkC it is easy to reach far both nationally and internationally. This is where all of the highways and railroads meet and Denmark’s biggest amount of cargo is loaded every day from Fredericia Harbor.

The possibilities for your company are many. Build a new domicile in just the right place for you, or move your business into already existing buildings.

Become a part of The Triangle Region. Here we have a teamwork with ambition and focus primarily on which qualifications will be required in the future. The central position in the country means endless possibilities to recruit just the right people for your company.


For more information, please contact:

Jens Ole Andersen, Chief of sales in Fredericia municipality
Phone: +45 7210 7601

(For purchasing commercial building plots)

Kristian B. Drejer, Director in Business Fredericia
Phone: +45 2082 3229

(For information about moving your company to the area, where you will find buildings available for rent and other requests)

Danmark C - Industrial Areas

Read more about the availeble spaces.

Danmark C - Erhvervsarialer

Brochure that welcomes you to one of Denmark’s most attractive and ambitious business areas

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Kristian Bendix Drejer
Tlf.: 2082 3229

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